World-leading — utilization ratio of photovoltaic power is up to 99%.

This system efficiency is improved by 6%~8%. Five working modes:-

air conditioning mode, photovoltaic mode, photovoltaic air conditioning mode, photovoltaic air conditioning & power generation mode, photovoltaic air conditioning & power consumption mode.

Units are consistent with photovoltaic characteristics. Optical energy can be fully utilized to realize free electricity.

Excess power can be uploaded to power line to avoid power waste.



Core technology——high efficiency

Two-stage compression technology; multiple noise reduction technologies; double independent systems; system positive pressure design.

Core components——stable and reliable

Semi-hermetic motor; high-efficiency heat exchanger; variable section diffuser; on-board startup cabinet.

Control center with colorful touch screen display.

The control circuits adopt low-voltage DC24V control for safety concern. It is applicable to a wider power range.



As it adopts high-efficiency motor direct-driven two-stage impellers with simpler structure for more reliable operation,

the size and weight of compressor is only 40% of the conventional compressor with the same cooling capacity.

It adopts high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous inverter motor, whose power is over 400kW and rotation speed is over 18,000rpm.

Meanwhile, the helical refrigerant ejecting cooling technology is adopted to ensure high-efficiency operation of the motor.

The design of impeller and diffuser is optimized for achieving high-efficiency operation of compressor in various loads.

It adopts patented sensor control technology to control the position of motor precisely and improve the reliability.



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